My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Rant, Writing

Occasionally I am transported. Somewhere where people actually mean what they say and have no games to play. It’s like being in a Coldplay song, like Life in Technicolor, where you can’t decide if the song is more pure as an instrumental — where everyone has a smile in their eyes and is pulling in the same direction — or if it really takes another album and another shot at the song as a full-blown vocal track. I think that the best songs will stand alone either way. So thank you, SAT, for breaking my anti-Coldplay stance on the undeniable rocks of “wow, this is really good”.

You know, folks, I am aware that people think what they think of me. I am okay with that, because you still seek me out for my opinion. It must matter. I find that stunning, and then a real honor. But baby, it’s a violent world. Everything counts in large amounts. Telling the truth is never easy, but it is the most universally recognized sign of sincerity. I have been reticent to blog on my own blog because of an old racket of mine: I think too much about what the audience — whatever or whoever that may be — will think of what I have to say. It defeats the purpose of the technology.

Publishing in an instant for all history to record is a serious responsibility. Please contribute something to the blogosphere that is worth recording. Remember all the people who died to bring you this freedom, this technology, this lifestyle, this success, this ability to type letter after letter, purse your lips, read it again slightly aloud, and then press the Publish button.

Say something that matters. Speak from your heart. Scribe it in electronic papyrus; chisel it in the ones and zeroes of the Intarwebs. Send it out there beyond your control, but remember that you birthed it. Create content, or else you will have a hollow life manipulating other people’s creations for a living. Be a catalyst.

I know from my experience that when the bat hits the meat of the ball, and I can feel that thrum through my muscles, and I lift my gaze to the far wall of the park, a smile dawns on my face: this is good. And then my feet don’t touch the ground for a while. You taught me that feeling long ago; you remind me of it tonight. And I thank you for it.

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