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Courage and…

Posted: May 1, 1991 in Poetry
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all I want [no] I cannot
I will drop dead
to (get it?) over with.


Posted: May 1, 1991 in Poetry
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I have killed you before in a dream
and I was savagely happy with myself
playing in the sandbox alone
with my painted toys and
turning the hose on and washing
your blood from my dump truck.
don’t worry if I dream without you
I won’t care if you hang me
by my left foot and burn my skin
off until I bleed wetly, just
a pinata even after we’re dead
I regenerate, you’ll heal, I’ll get you
a taxi.

Untitled Poem #108

Posted: May 1, 1991 in Poetry
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I don’t understand you
I don’t pretend to.
this is like a coal
forced down my throat
and dropped into my stomach.
this anger,
petty and full-fledged,
ripping the roots from the soil,
shaking the dirt off,
packing down what is left.
taking out frustrations,
biting down on the toothache,
I clutch my stomach;
you curse my name.
it all is okay.


Posted: May 1, 1991 in Poetry

I do lots of drugs.
I do I do
of drugs
I do lots of drugs I
lots I lots of drugs I
do I lots of drugs I do
drugs lots lots I I lots.
lots I do.

Quick and Deadly

Posted: May 1, 1991 in Poetry
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show me show me show me how you do that trick,
the one that makes me scream she said,
the one that makes me laugh she said,
so I did I cut her head off
and then I jumped up and down on it
and then I threw it off a cliff into the ocean.

Shikibu Imitation One (serious Buddha remix)

the mountains at the edge
of the moon shine wetly.
they have the viscosity
of freshly spilled blood.
the mountains have been torn and
thrown down from the sky.
they sit still, meditating,
slowly settling in the mud.

Shikibu Imitation Two (silly dance version)

I am a mountain
showered by the magic
of the gaze from a beetling moon.
squat and froggy I am.
the dark paths of my tongues;
they all lead to my gullet.
ha! quit watching me you stupid poet.
so I can get up and stretch.

Shikibu Imitation Three (acid ecstatic vocal)

death lurks as looming mountains
hurling the moon into the sky.
the ghastly light stings so I
reach out and draw the curtains.