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Push to Start Dryer

Posted: November 20, 1990 in Poetry
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when the rain stops
I may go puddle-jumping
to clean my ashen soul
of dolphin shit
and warm mulch
from my imaginary treks
through the forest.

Untitled Poem #99

Posted: November 20, 1990 in Poetry
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shadows have much to speak of;
a depth of water holds many mysteries.
trees hold secrets that men have never dreamt of;
a stone whispers to pass the time.

Untitled Poem #98

Posted: November 20, 1990 in Poetry
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the mind works
like the spider spins;
a gossamer hammock
for unwary prey.

No-one’s Watching

Posted: November 20, 1990 in Poetry
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the universe is more fragile than you think.
let your billiard ball physics take note of it.
Things just outside paper thin partitions;
madness overwhelms the left-side brain
when the Right is given free reign.
don’t try to explain away the phenomenon —
your senses will rarely betray you:
listen, smell, touch, believe.
patterns are infinite, on and on,
beyond those boundaries we teach;
deafness we teach blindness we
handicap those who are gifted.
beware that which is just sleeping
the sleep of the age-old which may
be mistaken for death, the calling
of nothing. even awake
we sleep, dormant and helpless.
in dreams we pass away for a time
to roam the realms of memory;
dark forests of fears and toadstools,
a thousand and one nights I have
lain awake counting spiders’ webs,
drinking water that glazes frozen pools.
the pulse that lies beneath
the rough-edged bark of a weathered tree
to the precarious balance of an acorn wreath.
never are you quite alone enough
to say that no-one’s watching.