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Fifing the Closets

Posted: May 16, 2002 in Poetry
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Leave the closet doors open Like a trap to entice monsters To come out and play. I live here for the moment, In this moment I would crouch and snarfle Like something from behind Those creaky sliding doors But soon I go elsewhere To find new temporary closets; These ones are to be bulldozed. Do […]

I am the bear at the back of my closet, warm and furry. but nobody knows it. I am the star cut in the flesh on the back of my hand. you, however, are a fig-ment of my imagination, subject to my rules. and you are whatever I choose to make of you. you are […]

Back to the Closet Space

Posted: August 28, 1992 in Poetry
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sometimes, like a tortoise, I shoot back into my closet space, and then, feeling foolish, I lurk about, scowling as a crooked pair of cartooned eyes behind the shuttered doors. I rub my carpet for reassurance, I crouch and wave my arms and I make faces and obscene gestures at the backs of the doors […]


Posted: July 15, 1991 in Poetry
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I have nothing to do so I do nothing. I have nothing to say so I say nothing. My day was cold and rosy like a wax museum. Mistakes seem to multiply my shadow Into monsters clutching broken shards of mirrors. Weeds grow about the architecture of my projects. I say nothing I do nothing […]

Questions to be Asked of the Closet

Posted: February 11, 1991 in Poetry
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it’s dark and she giggles then tentatively whispers my name; I stand silent breathing hard but oh so quiet, covered in the blankets of darkness. again she stretches to call out my name, question marks solidifying, echoing away. I know exactly where she is, six inches away; she’s reaching for me, asking, yielding. I could […]

1990 – Monster in Your Closet

Posted: January 1, 1990 in

Pus & Zero Boy’s first collection. MONSTER IN YOUR CLOSET (1990) Here is the complete album in a convenient playlist.   INDIVIDUAL TRACKS: March of the Day-Glo Mushrooms  right-click to download The Beauty of Rodan  right-click to download No Fear (Death by Overdose)  right-click to download Five by Five  right-click to download White and Green  […]

I just finished burying my belovéd cat Kanji beneath one of the great eucalyptus trees in the garden at Edgemont Place. I had to do this once before with the Murdoch family cat, Frodo, in 1997, after I moved him in with my first wife and our four cats Kalvin, Anastasia, Hobbes, and Atari on […]

Dust Your Own Pedestal

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Rant, Writing

Ask yourself this question: Do you put yourself on a pedestal? Yeah, now that I think about it, touching that soul-searching apparatus that has been gathering dust in the basement for a while. Dust your own pedestal. Take the marble bust of yourself off of the Doric column you have in your mind, and while […]

Here’s the backstory: currently on Facebook, it is all the rage to use your Notes application (read: blog) to write up 25 random facts about yourself, then “tag” 25 other people to make them have to do the same thing. Personally, I think that this was started by the Facebook people themselves as a way […]

There is a hole in my heart, and I can’t contain the light that is pouring out. This is the brilliance of truth and the refraction of soul. This is the damage that is done to a human being when you are betrayed, blinded, backstabbed, and belittled for trying to be more understanding than is […]

Pus & Zero Boy

Posted: July 16, 2008 in

Musical alter-egos to the Froggacuda, consisting mostly of ditties, raps, and other 4-track recordings I have made during my late teens and college career. Includes work as the infamous “MC Honky”. Monster in Your Closet (1990) Apes and Froggs (1992) Journey to the Elemental Plane of Funk (1994)


Posted: April 11, 2002 in Poetry
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If you would only punch out my heart An spin my head right round again With that electrical discharge of brilliance, That revelation of ultraviolet split-second, When the idea’s dagger is buried And the closet door is opened, Contents spilling like freed puzzle pieces, A mess I can just shake my head at Just reaching […]

Burn the Phoenix

Posted: February 10, 2002 in Poetry
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I am thee Froggacuda And oh so froggy be I Defined by myself as myself And marooned is my current cry. Inside I’m still the same hollow Green straw puppet carnival black hole Of pool-soaked poetry pages Missing something to be whole. Cobwebbed closets rarely treaded And rusty hinges, unsafe passage Basement dwelling, life enshrining […]

Side Trip of Hyperspace

Posted: January 7, 2002 in Poetry
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I am small again: Smell of closets, scuttle of spider; Withdrawing as the fat withers from my mind. Rediscovering someone vaguely familiar Only from the corners of my eyes In old photographs Or in passionately scribbled lines. In this transition, Is it supposed to endure Or is it supposed to break? Phoenix, do you hurt […]

[An unfinished start to some sort of crazy adventure] The sky tore open violently and green lightning splayed skeletal fingers across the black clouds which hung like shrouds over the dark city. A vast peal of thunder which bulldozed across the landscape of concussed concrete and broken stone caused most to clutch their young nearer […]


Posted: February 18, 1995 in Poetry
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Sometimes I wish I could Feel all four walls in the dark From where I sit on this Thinly carpeted floor – Again, like a closet, A most comfortable space For one sad and lonely Anthropomorphic ape. One or two trips to the sunlight Have sunburned him into The hypocrisy he despised: Loss of childhood […]

Ah, this bright light — I was a closet Vampyre, dancing on cardboard tombstones with flexible skeletons who beat chopsticks on overturned Folger’s coffee cans — it shrivels the flesh and weakens the bones. I’ve heard of the process of aging before, from people older than I (that was all that mattered back then), but […]

A Plea for Relaxation

Posted: February 17, 1994 in Poetry
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People treat themselves like natural resources (yes we are as part of the ecosystem — we can be useful) but expenditure like the burning of a ton of coal to light one lightbulb? I ask if this is necessary; there is a chorus of affirmatives from the millions who know no better, who know nothing […]

Kmart Funk

Posted: September 10, 1993 in Poetry
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I I kick the lyrics straight from my heart to my mouth to the mike to your ears to your drums and I’m out, out fast like a villiain that just stole your TV. after the show, if it’s gone, don’t blame me, because when I rap, people don’t know waht hit ‘em. there’s scientists […]

Drive to Suicide

Posted: August 16, 1993 in Poetry
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why do I have to walk around with the anvil of potential suicide balanced on my head? some people ask themselves why aren’t I normal? or why aren’t I like the rest of them? well, this is not normal. the human being would not have evolved as far as it has if it had a […]

Magic Disco Shirt

Posted: April 12, 1993 in Writing
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I went to the Grateful Dead shows in Las Vegas and didn’t have a ticket, which usually isn’t a problem at Dead shows except that there were throngs of tie-died fanatics gambling on other generous deadheads to have extras. It’s Las Vegas; you go there to gamble. “I just walked here from Pakistan to see […]

Cat Hide

Posted: September 7, 1992 in Poetry
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I am the prickle which makes your mother start and cover your eyes as if you, being young don’t know the fear of the closet. I am the voice that whispers through the crack; all that’s left when the door is shut tight, caressing you with words from a green foot-long tongue, slithering out from […]

this is the box that the spider came in. here is the molt of the mad spider who came in this box. this is the rock from the cage where I kept the spider, who was mad and wouldn’t bark after he left the white box that he came in. these are the pictures I […]

Taking a Look Around

Posted: January 22, 1992 in Poetry
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when the thunder stopped rolling around the sky like a marble in a fishbowl I stuck my head out of the closet to take a look around. my room was fine; I was scared that the rain might have come in stamping his muddy feet on my bedsheets and stealing all my comic books.

I, Ape

Posted: July 16, 1991 in Poetry
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I, ape, eat mushrooms in a forest of multicolored furniture all from the room of a girl I knew. the carpety grass is foaming upwards. shoes play hide and seek when I sneak around in the closet. they shut it always behind them. find them cavorting and wagging their tongues. I live in the closet. […]